How Does Net Neutrality Affect Gamers?

Huang Weihong asked:

With Net Neutrality being thrown out of the window, will online gamers and heavy Web users suffer in terms of service (and even monetarily)?

It’s quite possible, but… that’s why I’m an advocate for competition in the marketplace.

Who knows? Maybe a “new Internet” will rise up and kill off what we have today?

This is definitely a great topic for debate. What do all of you think?

How Does Net Neutrality Affect Gamers?

2 thoughts on “How Does Net Neutrality Affect Gamers?”

  1. Gamers must demand we maintain Net Neutrality. The FCC has the authority to require that ISPs observe net neutrality. Gamers need to speak up and be heard.

  2. The major cable companies have lobbied to make it illegal for anyone to lay an Internet infrastructure that isn’t them in 27 states…. so competition isn’t likely.

    The idea of free market only works if companies don’t have lobbyists bending Congress to their self interest.

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