Ask Your Future Self a Question!

Andrew Anthony Cristiano writes:

If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be?

How did you get here?

No, seriously. That’s what I’d ask myself. I’d want to know everything; what did I do along the way? What choices did I make? Which mistakes did I learn from? I think that the simple “how did you get here” would encompass all of these things!

What would you ask your future self?

Ask Your Future Self a Question!

2 thoughts on “Ask Your Future Self a Question!”

  1. My question would be: what will I do wrong? So I could learn from my mistakes, avoiding them before they ever happen. Then I could be on a road to a better future.

  2. Good question. I gave it some thought and came to the conclusion I was ask for advice on what I could do best for my daughters and who would be their best partner.
    So far they’ve turned out really good but I’m sure I could still screw things up.

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