Will Fragmentation Destroy Android?

Ricky Antonio Marin asks:

Will the thing that destroys Android be fragmentation?

I think the thing that destroys Android is ultimately what destroys any powerful ecosystem: outside forces, potentially ones that don’t even exist yet.

Yes, there’s a fair amount of fragmented experiences that Android users suffer… but Google has been working diligently on minimizing the impact of this reality.

When something “better” comes along, all but the faithful (and those whose income is centered on Android experiences) will move on to something else.

Honestly, I don’t know if a mass exodus would “destroy” Android – but it would severely cripple its ability to flourish, much like external forces “destroyed” Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform and/or BlackBerry’s entire endeavor.

2 thoughts on “Will Fragmentation Destroy Android?”

  1. Fragmentation makes Android less appealing to me personally. Different screen resolutions and hardware make it almost impossible for developers to take full advantage of resources when they have to take in consideration all the devices out there.

  2. Apple’s key differentiation in the mobile space is that _APPLE_ has controlled the user experience from day one, not the mobile phone carriers. The one thing you do NOT get on an Apple device versus an Android, Windows Phone, or Crackberry is a slew of preinstalled carrier-specific apps that can’t be removed without reflashing the device to some generic image that may or may not work. Of all the platforms, Android is the worst for carrier modifications to the experience (and I’ve used ALL the major platforms—iOS (my favorite), Windows Phone (my favorite on the _inexpensive_ side), Crackberry, Android, Symbian, and others).

    I find myself always coming back to an iPhone when my primary platform is Mac (as it is now at home) or to Windows Phone when it’s in Windows.

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