Top Vlogging Software and Equipment

Jennifer Metts recently asked me:

If you are just beginning to vlog what do you think are the top 3 “must haves” as far as software and equipment go? I would guess a quality camera ( but what is the minimum quality you would want ) a video editing program ( which are best) and then what?? Tripod? Lenses?

There are a LOT of people getting started in the vlog world these days. Here’s my best advice:

Just tell your story – that’s job one. Audio quality is second, video quality is third. 😉 The video editor is only going to help you tell your story, but keep video editing as simple as you possibly can – don’t make this a chore or you won’t want to do it for very long. For OS X, iMovie is sufficient but Final Cut Pro X (while pricey) can improve import/export workflow dramatically. If you’re not comfortable/familiar with Final Cut Pro X, there’s a lot of help available to get you going.

I’ve yet to find a “true” equivalent for simplicity on Windows, however.