Has Microsoft Learned from Its Mistakes?

Diego Acuna had a great question earlier:

What do you think of the changes in Windows 8.1 Update 1, as well as the new Start menu and support for modern UI apps running in the desktop coming in the future update? Is Microsoft learning from its Windows 8.0 mistakes?

Has Microsoft Learned from Its Mistakes?I think it’s been a series of overdue changes that should’ve been instituted up front, yes.

However, the changes only speak to my original criticisms of the Windows 8 in general; Microsoft did its best to blend two user experiences into one product, and that’s proven to be a catastrophic mistake (as I did predict).

I didn’t want to be right about it, either, but I was, and no amount of “but it’s better now” is going to address the core problem.

So, yes… Windows 8.1 update 1 is better than the shipping version of Windows 8, but the changes Microsoft instituted to drive home a better experience haven’t necessarily “fixed” the underlying user experience issues inherent in the system.

For “Windows 9” to work well, it has to decide what it wants to be: an OS for a traditional mouse/keyboard/latpop/desktop computing experience, or an OS for a primarily touch-driven environment.

Still having trouble figuring things out in Windows 8.1? There’s a great guide / DVD set to help!