Which Mobile Device is Best for Blogging?

I’m really glad that Matt Bodell emailed this question to me earlier:

Hi Chris,

Just a quick question; of all the mobile devices you have used, which provides the best blogging experience for blogging on the go?

I’m stuck between buying a Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad or grabbing myself a Surface Pro or Pro 2.

Your advise would be gratefully received!

I think both platforms are equal in terms of “blogging” value. To me, however, Apple’s wireless/Bluetooth keyboard is one of the best keyboards I’ve ever used. you could save a massive amount of money by sticking with your current iPad instead of forking over money to buy something that would — in this case — be overkill.

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  1. RE: Overkill.

    Let me clarify a bit further. I want to be able to edit images and my thought process behind the Surface Pro would be the ability to use Photoshop and/or other applications.

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