Frequently Asked Questions = Frequently Ignored Answers

Frequently Asked Questions = Frequently Ignored AnswersNo, I’m not going to bother writing an FAQ because it’s nothing more than an FIA at the end of the day. They’re a colossal waste of time. Inevitably, the person asking a frequently asked question isn’t bothering to look for a f**king FAQ.

For example, I could upload the exact same video every day for a year answering the “Will you still vlog after the baby is born,” and someone (in the comments) will inevitably ask if I’m still going to vlog after the baby is born.

It is always an immense help when the community jumps into a thread to address unambiguous questions I’ve already addressed because I can’t catch everything on YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, or Google+ (which is an awesome platform to use when you want to be bullied about your life choices that don’t involve a Google product or service).

2 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions = Frequently Ignored Answers”

  1. People are generally uninterested in looking for answers themselves. They are much more content with the self-centered approach—pestering the content creator personally to answer their questions NOW.

    Even when you answer their repeated questions, Chris, it’s not like they’ll appreciate it—especially when they won’t like the answer. Someone once insulted me for answering their question, which was directed at you. I was the jerk for answering their publicly posted YouTube comment, as if the question wasn’t already answered by you.

    The only way you’ll ever satisfy people like that is if you stopped everything and livestreamed 24/7, answering every single trivial, personalized question about what the best smartphone is or what your “real” job is.

  2. That’s why you make an FAQ page, and every time someone asks a frequently asked question, you answer with a link to the page. A quick copy-and-paste reply for a bunch of comments or Tweets.

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