How Do I Start Vlogging?

Aaron Linson writes:

Chris, I’m thinking about vlogging — how do I start vlogging? What kind of camera would I need to get? How do you even hold the camera to get everything in shot? How long do you spend on editing every day? Thanks!

How is vlogging done? You pick up a camera that records video and record. I’m not being flippant! This is really all you need to do.

It doesn’t matter what camera you have. I use one of these, though your favorite modern-day smartphone should do, as long as you’re aware that the battery will drain quicker — which is largely why I choose to use a designated vlogging camera. You could keep it close to a power source, but that might limit your mobility if you have plans to vlog on the move. If you have a static space from which to vlog with electrical outlet access, this isn’t such a concern.

I spend between one to two hours editing the vlog, and probably the same amount of time recording or staging to record throughout the day. It takes a massive amount of time to do it the way we’ve decided to do it. You might find shortcuts that work for you — or longcuts, depending on how elaborate you want to make your vlog.

Good luck, Aaron, and please keep us aware of your progress! Maybe we’ll see you at VloggerFair? As you can see below, we’ve all got to start somewhere.