Microsoft Office for iPad… is Awesome!

What are your thoughts on Microsoft Office for iPad? Do you agree that “no one will buy it,” or not? I give you my thoughts in the TLDR video below.

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Microsoft Office for iPad is Awesome

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2 thoughts on “Microsoft Office for iPad… is Awesome!”

  1. My initial thoughts are that Microsoft are slow as molasses. They promised Microsoft Office for iOS and Android back in 2011, then went near cold turkey the following year when they launched their Surface tablet, now its 2014 and Surface hasn’t put a dent in iOS/Android platforms Microsoft is back to finally fulfilling their promise. I’m waiting for MS Office for Android tablets so I can use it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 . As far as people buying it, well I’m sure there will be early adopters and probably a larger amount of initial buyers just because it’s the Microsoft Office.
    From the looks of it, it looks like they are going the Office 365 route, which means I can simply use my university alumni account that has a Office 365 account and be able to gain access without having to put down a $99.99 per year subscription, that might scare many from buying.

  2. I purchased an Office 365 subscription excited thinking that I could avoid using a laptop for basic tasks. Unfortunately, Excel attachments that you receive via Gmail can not be opened in iPad Office. I routinely share spreadsheets via email, as I suppose that many people do. It seems that the only workaround is to send the file to Dropbox and then open in Excel for iPad. But that requires opening your email with a laptop to get the attachment into Dropbox. I contacted Microsoft support and ended up frustrated with no answer. Seems Microsoft really missed the mark on opening email attachments in iPad Excel.

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