Join Our LEGO Bricks Clique

Building up our LEGO Bricks Clique, getting recognized at the mall, spending a coupon on free panties, going out dressed as a “geek,” and cheese curds and beef sticks from a funeral home! Pirillo Vlog 467 is just… huge!

It’s a shame that Diana thinks she’s having a bad hair day, because I think her bangs are bangin’. Given the option of having my hair instead, I think she’s reconsidering how bad her hair actually could be.

Whatever it takes to make us grateful for the things we do have, right?

Could be worse. Could be Klingon. Could be even worse and wonder aloud: “What’s Klingon?” Not that Diana would ever do such a thing. She wears glasses in part of this vlog, so her geek cred is solid, you would-be disbelievers out there!

The Lego Bricks Clique Isn’t All Fun and Games

Join Our LEGO Bricks CliqueWe went to the LEGO store and found stuff that’s not only fun, but practical (it’s usually — but not always — about the toys)!

For instance, did you know you can get a LEGO salt and pepper shaker set?

Or that you can affix a LEGO panel onto your wall and use it to keep your minifig-outfitted key chains (and attached keys) in check?

Actually, the Lego Bricks Clique is Mostly Fun and Games

Still, for each practical use we can imagine for LEGO bricks, we can think of 10 impractical uses that are simply for the pure fun of it — and that’s fine, isn’t it? So it seems we’ve got the makings of a real LEGO Bricks Clique, but don’t worry: we’re not elitist about it. We welcome you to join in on the fun, too!

What uses — both practical and impractical — can you dream up for LEGO bricks? We want to hear all about ’em. Maybe we’ll surprise each other? That’s what community building is all about.