Football Pork Fried Dumplings

Football pork dumplings may help alleviate poor Diana’s freezing problems, and unboxing juice (aka wine) may help alleviate my stress problems. What do you do when you’re freezing and stressed? I tend to just talk about my moobs (which, when I’m cold and stressed, tend to be quite perky). It lightens the mood. Welcome to the madness that is Pirillo Vlog 465!

Do you like food that’s shaped like a football?

Football Pork Fried DumplingsAs you know, I’m not a sports fan, but Diana makes up for it by eating a deep-fried dumpling that is quaintly known as a “football.” It’s filled with pork, too, so calling it a “pigskin” wouldn’t be amiss.

I’m hoping that this football will keep her warmer than the iced coffee she was drinking earlier. The delicious — but very potent — hot sauce offered at the restaurant where said football is served (Macky’s Dim Sum) doesn’t do such a bad job of raising the body temperature, either, though it does ensure that I have to make a pit stop before commencing the journey homeward bound.

It was almost a “John Hurt moment” as I kept my lunch from punching a hole in my gut and escaping like some nascent, acid-drooling alien. Or, if you will, a football being kicked from one end of my body to the other.


If it’s not shaped like a football, then what?

So what sports-related foodstuffs do you like to cram down your hungry craw, citizens? Do you enjoy the football oriented dumpling of the fried pork variety? Or do you prefer your dining experience to be aligned more with the baseball? The basketball? The tennis ball? The hockey puck? I think we used to eat some vague, hockey puck type of pizza pocket in our school lunches back when I was a kid, but I don’t remember the experience being all that delightful. Kind of like how I feel about sports in general…

If there’s not a TRON deadly disc or light cycle involved, I’m not sure it even appears on my radar.