Glitter Changes Everything

In Pirillo Vlog 449, we send off our broken old vlog camera (the artist formerly known as Atreyu — incidentally named after the character from The Neverending Story, not the band) to its new owner, and use it to record one final segment, per the buyer’s request.

Glitter Changes EverythingThat buyer and new owner (the same person, as it happens) is Jake of TheCoolMazeProject on YouTube!

You should go like, share, and subscribe to his stuff, too. It’ll make him happy. It’ll make me happy. But most of all, it’ll make you happy, too!

We’re all about spreading the happy here, you know?

Now show us your tips!

(That’s only going to make sense if you watch the vlog. So do it! Right now! Do it! Warning: it involves glitter and dirty looks.)