Who Vlogs the Vloggers?

The great outdoors aren’t all that great. I’ll just stay here in my car with my lava spinach and message dictation software — even if it means I’ll burn the very tongue I use to form words that go into the message dictation software and inadvertently say something to Diana that gets misinterpreted and starts a big ol’ fight between us.

Word War III? Welcome to Pirillo Vlog 446!

Troll Much?Me: Hello, my love! Just seeing if you think you need — ouch! This bug bite itches — anything while I’m out?
Translation: Yellow bathtub! I peed in the sink, too! I’ll pee in the kitchen — have any doubt?
Diana: Oh, no, he didn’t.

Why do we humans ever bother to troll when we can get software to do it for us?

Speaking of trolls, we visit the famous Fremont Troll with our friend Clintus McGintus, who’s been vlogging since… well, let me allow him to explain:

“I have two kids, and we have as much fun as possible in one day. And we do that every day. In a vlog. We’ve been vlogging for 469 days.”

Really, he’s been vlogging for a lot longer; he’s been on YouTube for seven years, and claims that his son’s birth was “the very first Twitter birth.”

We vlog Clintus and his family, and they vlog us. Who vlogs the vloggers? We do. And they do. Do you do?