I Think I’m a Philosopher

If you cut and paste the transcript for Pirillo Vlog 445, you can mix and match the screwy, skewed results a little to make up some pretty silly, bargain basement poetry. It’s a little like those refrigerator magnetic poetry kits that help you dream up random phrases that are ultimately meaningless but hint at the chaos of the universe giving way to order — rhymes and reasons for events of all seasons.

Here’s what I mean:

Magnetic Poetry for GeeksWhile they spray for bug spires,
I gave myself permission to garlic the stormtrooper hoodie.
Evil eye in the morning burnout sheet,
The alternative, I suppose, is to live with the spiders.
You eat them.
Wicket does not eat fighters…
Or anything that moves.

Bunny! How are you?
I’m not gonna hernia…
On this vlog game.
Say “hi” to you, Jim.
I still have several errands to run.
Indeed, flatter, fairer meeting to attend,
Though I don’t have much to report to my vlog repair crew.

Intense me, I would still be working.
Longer work harder;
The tide in the beginning…
Work has been work, but not work.
I would not take angels beyond repair,
But you work at home as well.
Then someone sent me a star.

Even if it is a collector’s item,
I want to open it up and read it.
The only way to control the past:
Control the present, so control the presence.
YouTube jurors are vloggers, not waters.
Still, for the coffee,
It was worth the journey.

Now you try!