Gummy Matte Deodorizers

Diana said during Pirillo Vlog 443 that women do not fart. I beg to differ, sweetheart. Y’all let them rip just as often as we do!

DeoderizerWhat’s with the whole fart deodorizer comment, anyway? Does anyone actually use those things? Does Diana want some of them… for me to use, I mean?

The pressure was on today as I had to choose Diana’s shoes for her. The wrong choice could break everything! Talk about a terrifying moment. I could choose the shiny shoes or the matte ones. Diana chose the matte finish shoes because we have a friend named Matt in Texas. I was not being mean when I referred to him as “dull.” Swear it! I was just making a play on the whole matte shoes for Matt and matte is dull… oh, forget it!

The question of the day is of crucial importance, and only you can answer it: am I the town crier or the village idiot?