Serious Big Fuzzy Bear Slippers

Diana said during Pirillo Vlog 442 that she cannot take me seriously when I’m wearing the giant fuzzy bear slippers. What I want to know is: why NOT?

Pimple ToolDiana has decided that my evil pimpleness shot straight to her face via some type of voodoo laser beam. What the heck?! I suppose I should have used some type of skin care blemish removal kit before going near her!

Today was laundry day. I’m quite thankful that I am not the one doing the laundry and that I don’t have to make the bed. I’m not so crazy about the fact that our sheets now smell like complete SHEET thanks to the vinegar. Why do we wash sheets in vinegar, anyway? Can anyone tell me this?!

Diana says she cannot take me seriously when I’m wearing my big fuzzy bear slippers. I’m not sure why – are you? I happen to think they’re quite manly and fierce!

The most important takeaway from today’s vlog is the fact that Diana seriously needs to lay off the Sun. She’s smothering it. She wants to insist the Sun is like a warm blankie. It’s not! It’s just a false sense of security. It will be gone soon and abandon her, just like it always does here in Seattle. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Seattle lately, for that reason alone?

I didn’t mean to crush her hopes. Really I didn’t.

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