New Man, Itchy Man, Bear Man!

Feeling like a brand-new man is pretty awesome, but during Pirillo Vlog 441 filming, I spent more time itching than feeling new!

Wrist StrapI have been using the new vlog camera for only a few days now. This sucker doesn’t even have a name yet, and it’s already been initiated: I dropped it on my knee (OUCH!) and dropped it on the ground while out running errands. I’m starting to think I need a lanyard to keep it where it belongs!

I felt like a completely new man after having my hair cut, but I was also a very itchy man. Don’t you hate that feeling of little hairs all over you? Muahahah – you’re now feeling the creepy-crawlies, aren’t you? Speaking of hair cuts: Diana wants to know if all of you think she should cut her hair off to just below her shoulders!

Wicket wasn’t impressed with the bear jacket. I wasn’t drunk, despite what Diana may have thought. I knew that the head was on crooked the entire time. These silly humans – and dogs who THINK they’re human – that I’m surrounded by will never understand the way my mind works. Wait. I don’t understand how it works, either…

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