Long Necks Never Looked So Good

As we were filming Pirillo Vlog 440, I kept feeling as though something was seriously wrong with my neck. I never did quite figure it out, though!

Hot StonesPixie has apparently decided that our home is a spa. She spent time sitting on the hot rocks outside and then I called her in for a seaweed wrap. While I’m outside, Diana tells me to stop enjoying the thing that I’m busy enjoying! What’s up with that?

Diana had a very important question to ask all of you: if you use a smiley face at the end of a sentence, do you still have to use a period? I definitely think you must still use proper punctuation, but the times are apparently a’changing. I seriously need a massage right about now.

The one moment of today’s vlog that worries me is Diana telling me I’m cut off from birthday presents! It’s not even the day yet and I’m cut off?! I don’t get a whole month like some of you try to ninja. I just want my day! What do you think she should buy for me?

I have one last very important thing to get off my chest before signing off for today:

Dear dirty laundry: I’m very happy Diana is doing you. Love, Chris.