Our Home Smells Like Bacon

We’re a little sorry that we don’t have a John Waters Odorama version of Pirillo Vlog 438 to share with you, because our entire house smells like bacon!

Our Home Smells Like BaconNo, no. That’s not quite right. It’s not a bacon house. It’s a bacon home.

But imagine the colorful dimensions the Pirillo Vlog could explore if only we could let you, our much appreciated viewers, experience the smells that get whipped up in our kitchen!

Well, the smells that Wicket and Pixie don’t leave behind, anyway.

Diana’s like a culinary mad scientist who stitches together various foodstuffs to bring them to life — delicious, glorious, aromatic life! It’s kind of not fair that you only get to see what these creations look like. That’s not even the tip of the esculent iceberg! It’s just plain teasing.

Maybe if I take to wearing an entire suit of bacon, its appeal will be brought down to a more manageable level?