Happy (Belated) Fourth of July

Sure, it may seem weird to be wishing you a happy Fourth of July on the Sixth of July, but in Pirillo Vlog 437, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

Happy (Belated) Fourth of JulyWhen you get to be my age, it just takes longer to do stuff, you know? I’m almost not even in my 30s, anymore! That’s right. I’ll be turning the big 40 later this month, so this vlog documents my last official Independence Day before I’m officially over the hill.

But there comes a sort of independence of a different kind when you get older, right? I’m told that I’m approaching the time in my life when I can really just let petty concerns go and focus on the things that really matter.

Like wearing sandals with socks and passing gas in the checkout lane at the supermarket without even blaming Diana like I usually do trying to hide it.

Ah, good times ahead! For now, happy July Fourth, you whippersnappers!