The Not-Very-Secret Garden

In Pirillo Vlog 435, Diana gets attacked by tiny insects (much better than giant insects, in my book) and tells us all about it.

The Not-Very-Secret GardenDuring the course of this, we discover that “bitened” mightn’t be a word, but we’ll let Diana get away with it. After all, she’s pretty cool for a girl!

Later on in the program, we get interviewed by a television crew interested in documenting the experiences of people who have gotten married with an online streaming presence for the benefit of friends and family who can’t be physically present for the occasion. Do you guys remember when Diana and I did that? It was in the ancient days of PV (pre-vlog), so we’ll forgive you if you missed it.

It was Diana’s first time being interviewed on television, but I dare say she did a better job of it than I did for my first time on television. Now she’s an old pro and taking calls from interested big time Hollywood agents.

Wait. Please. No. I really don’t want to live near Hollywood again. I’m happy here on our forest moon of Endor with the Ewoks and seasons and peace and quiet. Don’t ruin a good thing for me!

Er… I mean us. Of course I mean us! ♥

One thought on “The Not-Very-Secret Garden”

  1. In Diana’s defense, I believe that if I told my wife that a TV camera crew was arriving in a half hour, I would be dead by the time the camera crew got there.

    Have a Happy 4th, and don’t get bitened by the forest insect life.

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