Nerdy in the Extreme

In deference to our rugged Klingon heritage, Pirillo Vlog 434 sees Diana morosely contemplating the death of neglected foliage and me chowing down on a fine dish of fresh Gagh.

Nerdy in the ExtremeAll in all, just an average day in the Pirillo household.

Wicket and Pixie sometimes have difficulty making themselves understood because (and it pains me to say this) their Klingon is pretty lousy. While Pixie maintained a straight A average on her written tests, she’s always had difficulty with pronunciation.

She’s always been more of a reader, though, and enjoys all the great works of literature — including Hamlet — in their native Klingon.

Wicket, on the other hand, flunked out entirely and went with the relatively lazy alternative of Lower Orion for his foreign language credit so he could transfer to a trade school.

It’s okay, though. I’m still proud of our kids. Linguistics isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Besides, there’s always help if they get stuck on the big words.