Are We Spinning Our Wheels?

In Pirillo Vlog 433, I find out what it’s like to wake up early on Sunday morning to edit a vlog after dreaming I edited a vlog.

Are We Spinning Our Wheels?For her part, Diana finds out what it’s like to sort through shirts she hasn’t worn in a year after dreaming that she sorted through shirts she hasn’t worn in a year.

We can’t help but feel like we’re spinning our wheels over here! There doesn’t even have to be snow on the ground — especially if it’s July and we’re dreaming that there’s snow on the ground.

Because, you know. Dreaming is free. And deceptive. You don’t even stop to consider that there shouldn’t be snow on the ground in July, because that’s not even the strange part. The strange part is that you’re singing karaoke in a biker bar while wearing a yellow tutu and a laurel wreath. Your pegasus is tied up outside, but it can’t touch the ground because the parking lot is paved with peanut brittle and it’s afraid of succumbing to sticky hoof syndrome.

This might concern you, but you’ve got a vlog to edit, by gum! Priorities, priorities.