Pearls of Wisdom

In Pirillo Vlog 429, I eat tuna that’s so spicy it goes to 11.

Pearls of WisdomWith yesterday’s vlog focusing on the wisdom of removing troublesome chompers from Diana’s noggin lest they cultivate a future of excruciating painfulness, we turn today to the comforts of pearl snaps and their power to fasten as well as fascinate.

Where do such pearls originate, one might well wonder? We suspect a seafood dinner of such supreme elegance that its diners devoured delicate shellfish (albeit selfishly) and soldered the leftovers to sparkling jewels over the course of a period properly designated for slumber.

When it was our turn to dine, did we cast our pearls before wine? Perhaps not. But before sake? Certainly.

Summary: some suck at keeping secrets.