Sure as Sugar

In Pirillo Vlog 426, we discuss the fundamentals of frou frou and how it’s nice to get back into the old routine since life’s been in full throttle since before (way before) VloggerFair.

Sure as SugarDoesn’t that feel like ages ago, already?

Also, I’m becoming a redneck. Not culturally. Just from sitting in the sun too long. I blame it on a combination of having a Mediterranean surname to make me unconsciously overconfident when exposing my skin to our nearest stellar neighbor, but an Irish complexion.

Top of the neck to you!

All this after warning people a few weeks ago about the very real hazard of sunburn in Seattle in spite of its overcast reputation.

Redneck or not, our self-described “awkward” neighbors (they’re not at all awkward; they’re actually very friendly — and were mentioned way back in Pirillo Vlog 375) overcame their fear of whatever guns they may think I have to kindly bring over cookies. Actually they were brownie/cookie hybrids. Brookies? Whatever. A brookie by any other name would taste just as sweet!

I’ve heard of sugar daddies. I’ve even heard of sugar mamas. Does this make them our sugar neighbors?

So be it!