Mom Tag

In Pirillo Vlog 425, Mom gets the Mom Tag (I guess that means that Diana asks her a lot of questions — it’s like an interrogation, but slightly less unpleasant? I think?) on the way to the airport.

Mom TagBack in my day, the term “Mom Tag” would have probably entailed her trying to catch me after I’d done something wrong. If she succeeded, then I was “it.”

Dad Tag was not always the more dangerous game of the two, either. It really depended on the situation.

In neither situation, however, would I have wanted to be “it.” The goal was to stay away from the pursuing party for as long as possible.

In spite of many valiant efforts, it was a game I never won. Then again, the last time we really played that version of Mom Tag or Dad Tag, my legs were a lot shorter than theirs. Could I prevail today?