Deep Sleep, Beep Beep

In Pirillo Vlog 424, we learn one very important lesson.

Deep Sleep, Beep BeepIt’s easier to recuperate from traveling backwards in time than it is from traveling forwards in time (unless said time is unaccelerated by unnatural conditions like airline travel, time machines, or spinning around the planet really, really fast).

In other words, living second to second in the normal way seems to be easier on this particular human body than being some kind of jetsetting globetrotter.

This isn’t to say that I didn’t have a blast when I was in London — or that I’d avoid a chance to go back in a heartbeat. Well, maybe a few heartbeats. Home is where the heart is, after all, so I’m going to enjoy the break and the company of my loved ones!

To add to the time traveling confusion, I’m editing past and future vlogs — from your perspective, anyway — that you’ll have seen and have yet to see by the time you’re viewing this. Does that make any sense?

Hey, what’s it matter? I’ve caught up on a bunch of sleep and I’ve got a bacon scarf that was lovingly handcrafted by community member Heather Lynn Lindon! In spite of all the work ahead, the day’s shaping up.