Last Night in London

In Pirillo Vlog 422, you get to see how the hotel broadband speed was so slow that I was actually pining for the days of dialup.

Last Night in LondonCalling it broadband “speed” is kind of a misnomer when it gets to that point. Sorry, Aesop! Slow and steady doesn’t always win the race.

Here, Sherpa Al and I got to see the YouTube studios in London; I was so excited that I was bouncing off the padded walls!

And I got to try curious European cuisine, like the enchanting Percy Pig. Not only was I pleased that it did not taste like artificial bacon and sugar as I was anticipating, but there’s a version of these little gummy treats that I can recommend to my vegetarian friends, too, that contain no animal gelatin.

You know… if you’re into that kind of thing. Me? Bring pig now!

So this was my last night in London, which was sad because I knew I would miss it, but happy because I was also missing home. That’s always the bittersweetness of traveling, isn’t it?

Still, I knew I’d face many hours of movement before actually getting to settle in at home.

I’ll bet I could have set a video file to upload from my hotel room and raced it home — and won the race.

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  1. I was more interested in your travel to London as the city is a beehive of activity and events

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