Things to Do in London

In this edition of the Pirillo Vlog, is 421 in reference to the episode number, or the number of times I had to move to a different hotel on my London trip? Both? Maybe?

Things to Do in LondonAt least in the hotel where I wind up this time around, I get to choose from soft to firm in my pillow selection, and I see a double door making innovative use of restroom (Water closet? Loo? Toilet?) space. I guess that’s the benefit of always being on the go: trying new stuff.

And on this journey, I’ve been trying new stuff constantly. Honestly, that’s a good thing. Granted, it’s not always a comfortable thing, but it’s today’s discomforts that make for tomorrow’s anecdotes. Unless, of course, I can’t get a decent Wi-Fi connection to upload vlogs to you, gentle viewers, in a timely fashion.

Which is what happened in the case of this vlog. Hey, give me a break! Over the course of the past year, can you say I’ve failed to deliver up to this point? And, truly, I count this as merely a delay rather than an outright failure! So there. ♥

There’s lots more going on in this vlog than hotel observations, but you’ve waited too long for me to describe it all to you here. Why don’t you just watch it, already? All 16 minutes and one second! Do it! Do it!

This is Chris Pirillo, the Polite American, signing off!