Do as the Londoners Do

Say what you like about its numerical significance to a certain subculture, but Pirillo Vlog 420 provides a contact high through the pure pleasure of positive puissance!

Do as the Londoners DoAnd not to creep anyone out, but if you look at the 4:20 mark of Pirillo Vlog 420, I think you can spot the Grim Reaper following me from across the street! Or maybe it was a ghost. Or a historical re-enactor. I should probably be thankful that they just kept walking and I didn’t notice them until posting the video to YouTube…

Anyway, Sherpa Al (perhaps London’s youngest entrepreneur?) shows me around his fair city a bit more, and you get to tag along! Or maybe we’re tagging along with you?

Or maybe the Grim Reaper is tagging along with all of us? After all, we’re all going to same place… aren’t we?

If we keep eating McDonald’s food — especially when it contains bacon — we’ll probably get to that final destination that much sooner. Maybe a bike rental and a ride around London should help us keep a healthier distance from the great beyond.

Or perhaps I can just create a clever diversion?