The Amazing #vLondon Geeks

While I’ve already shared a little bit of what went on at the meetup (and will keep doing so, crappy hotel bandwidth allowing), Pirillo Vlog 419 chronicles the day I met up with the London vloggers and viewers at the Italian Fountains in Hyde Park!

The Amazing #vLondon GeeksSadly, the Italian Fountains did not provide the never-ending supply of Italian soda that I was anticipating. Darn. To get there, My sherpa Al and I had to mind gaps and avoid disturbing a sleeping Yoda on the Underground (or Tube — not to be confused with YouTube. This was a WeTube).

And then it was on to the Somerset Hotel, where the folks were kind enough to give us a nice, big, warm, and dry space to shelter us from the rain and talk about… the stuff that a bunch of vloggers get together and talk about.

Some of us wound up at a pub, where I got to enjoy some delicious beer and fish and chips. Would it have been a proper trip to London without partaking of this experience? I say no!

Couldn’t make it to London to hang out? It’s okay. I recorded a lot of what happened, and I’m sharing it here with you.

Hope you don’t mind the longer-format vlogs, but there’s been a lot going on, man. Don’t expect me to hold back!