Innovation Inspiration

Did you know that eating bacon in London with your pinkie up is a sign of class? In Pirillo Vlog 418, I prove it beyond any doubt.

Innovation InspirationBut the jet lag and luggage-wrinkled garments may counteract any positive points I was building up by doing so. Ah, well. I’m still having a good (though slightly dazed and sleep deprived) time!

So bacon, I’ve discovered, is different (and, dare I say it? Superior) here. Showers are able to clean from multiple angles. And where a triple espresso is impossible (due to local health codes, I’m guessing), a quadruple espresso is just fine if you pull the right strings.

Also, said strings seem to be attached to more of what they call bacon here! Score!

Among the brilliant minds at the G8 Innovation Conference’s DNA (Decide Now Act) Summit, I find a fellow Iowan half a world away, and we dine upon Iowa beef. We all took different paths to get here (though I’m glad mine did not mirror that of beef’s, which seems to have been a far less gentle journey), but we’re all here, thousands of miles away from the American Heartland, reunited.

Iowa represents!