What Was I Like as a Kid?

In Pirillo Vlog 415, we get to ask my mom what I was like as a kid.

What Was I Like as a Kid?What I was like when I was a kid, not what I was like when she was a kid, mind you. That wouldn’t make any danged sense.

Mom tells us all about how I used to hurl myself on the floor and throw tantrums when things weren’t going quite according to my tiny, fiendish plans. And she also tells us how her and Dad would casually deal with these tantrums in stride (I guess they had a lot of practice).

Nowadays, I get plenty of practice throwing tantrums on camera. We call these vlogs.

If you watch the vlog, you’ll find out what my methods of conflict resolution with the siblings entailed, you’ll witness the unshakable strength of my financial acumen in times of economic crisis, and you’ll thrill to the tale of my brother being denied happiness because of something that I did.

Sorry, Adam. I owe you a donut. Or maybe two. We’ve also established that I’m not very good at math.