Why Do You Live Where You Live?

I’m Chris Pirillo, and in Pirillo Vlog 414, my bears are eyely open.

Why Do You Live Where You Live?Or are my eyes barely open? In any case, I could go for a nice, long period of hibernation after this very awesome, but very tiring weekend (and we’ve got another one ahead)!

VloggerFair is a couple of days in the past now, but I got to meet people who came there from all over the world. And next weekend, I’ll be in the UK, where I’ll be among people who go there from all over the world. It got me to thinking, and prompted me to ask you: why do you live where you live?

As you may know, I’m not originally from Seattle; I’m from Iowa, which is where my mom and dad still live. It was quite a journey to get to where I am today, and I love where I live. I live here by choice. Can you say the same of where you call home now? Do you love where you live, or do you aspire to move elsewhere someday? If you look forward to living somewhere else, what’s keeping you where you are today?

Maybe it’s common to say “down the pipe” instead of “down the pike” in the place from whence you come.

Or, if your mom makes pastrami, you call it momstrami. Regional variations count toward the spice of life called variety…