‘Twas the Night Before VloggerFair

In Pirillo Vlog 412, we find out that fulfilling one request out of the kindness of your heart only leads to further requests. When does it end?

Mom Powers“I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a donut today?” No way, Jose — or, in this case, Mom, as voiced by a robot that fits in my hoodie pocket.

That should have been the first clue that maybe I would be wise to reconsider my hardline position against request fulfillment. If Mom can throw her voice through a robot that can reach me anywhere, what other Mom powers might she have up her sleeve?

Well, vlog viewers, you’re about to find out. And if that doesn’t scare the living Dickens out of you, then maybe you’re not cut out for this vlog-viewing business. It’s not always an easy ride down Mulberry Lane, I daresay.

Be prepared. And be very, very scared.