You Made VloggerFair a Success

In Pirillo Vlog 411, you get to hear what my voice sounds like after Day One of the first VloggerFair, ever!

You Made VloggerFair a SuccessPlaying host to 1,300 people can really take it out of you — but in a good way! And when I say “it,” I mean energy, not spirit!

I’m overwhelmed with a feeling of accomplishment, and the community’s support has been so, so, so encouraging that it’s all a lot to process right now!

I anticipate VloggerFair #2 to be twice as nice. Will you be there? To be honest, I’m not even sure where “there” will be, as I’m taking suggestions for having it come to your town — maybe?

So happy. So tired. So thankful. Thank you! All of you. ♥

(Yes. Even you. Especially you!)

One thought on “You Made VloggerFair a Success”

  1. Hey chris, for place suggestions for VloggerFair 2, How about a vloggerfair derivative for those of us in Europe who couldn’t go all the way to Seattle because I’d have loved to have gone to Vloggerfair 1 but it’s about $1000 in airfares.

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