VloggerFair Time!

In Pirillo Vlog 410, we warn skeptical VloggerFair attendees that sunburn in “rainy” Seattle is a very real danger! Prepare accordingly.

Do you believe in spaghetti and meatballs?If you continue through the vlog (which I emphatically recommend), you’ll get to see Diana paint her nails, find out what my parents have been up to in their travels around the greater Seattle area, enjoy a margarita with me — and a quesadilla (maybe you can help me polish it off?), and hang out for a radio interview that I did.

Maybe you’ll notice how I snuck in a VloggerFair plug? Kind of shameless, but VloggerFair isn’t going to promote itself, you know?

Also shameless is my attempt to snag Dad’s meatball when he’s not around to defend it (notice that Mom doesn’t try to discourage me)!

Do I get the meatball? Am I a meatball? These are the kinds of things you need to watch the vlog to find out. If you want the novelization, buy the book!

Not that there is a book, but you know. Do people even read those things anymore?