Funny Not Found

I’m saying it now: clowns aren’t remotely funny, and mimes are even less funny than that. No, not Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions — I’m talking about that other kind of mime. Pirillo Vlog 404 reminds us why.

Funny Not FoundWell, sort of. In an effort to show you just how unfunny mimes can be, I give you my best “mime against an invisible wall” presentation.

Funnier would have been one or more of the following:

  • Mime on a hot tin roof (that boils him alive and makes him scream silently into the unkind sun)
  • Mime’s a-wasting (wherein a mime is suffocated slowly in an airless, but invisible enclosure for all to see/enjoy)
  • Mime of Thrones (a cable television series where a bunch of mimes purposely don’t behave like mimes for a few seasons so that they gain otherwise inaccessible sympathy from a fanatical audience until they’re casually slaughtered in a rain of excessive bloodshed during a children’s birthday party)
  • Mimecraft (a popular video game that lets you erect [heh] entire cities with corpses of countless dead mimes as your building blocks)

You know what they say: Don’t do the mime if you can’t do the time.

Actually, for the record, I don’t think Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions are all that funny, either.