Diana’s Melons Are Back

In yesterday’s vlog, Diana tried an oyster for the very first time. Today, in Pirillo Vlog 403, we can mark another first for Diana!

Diana's Melons Are BackWhile at the grocery store (purchasing the melons mentioned in the headline), Diana was recognized by one of our vlog viewers! This has never happened to her before (which explains why we’re calling it a “first”), and she was kind of… dare I say… geeking out about it a bit.

She was all “Eeeee!” and I was all, “Awwww!” Adorable, right?

In other news, we sort of had an idea about how to help people break the ice at VloggerFair and produce content for their channels on the fly: Collaborative videos! We ask a question, say:

If you suddenly became Oprah rich, what would be the first thing you’d do with that money?

And then people give their honest, candid answers. Can you think up some other good questions to ask? Leave a comment below and we’ll pass ’em along!