Geek Pride Day in the Friend Zone

Hello, and welcome to Pirillo Vlog 398! Eschewing tradition, Geek Pride Day was celebrated without the use of fireworks, stun-set phasers, or droids of any kind.

Make it so!Here, I try to explain to Diana just how much of a “walking bucket of awkward” I was in high school. If we’d gone to school together and Diana had tried to start a conversation with me, I admit that I would have been suspicious. Even though she’s nice and she, as she says, “talked to everybody,” my teenage self wouldn’t have known how to process her intentions.

In all seriousness, I would have probably assumed she pitied me.

Can anyone else relate? I’ll bet at least a couple of you dealt with the same sense of uncertainty when approached by the attractive and self-assured — perhaps you still do, sometimes? It’s a hard thing to shake.

When you can settle into your geekness and actually be proud of it instead of worried about how it makes other people perceive you, it’s honestly something worth celebrating.

Maybe Geek Pride Day should be afforded a level of respect akin to some of the other holidays taking up ink on the calendar. It’s no Christmas or Halloween, but it definitely has the potential to be eye-level with St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo! As a famous Starfleet captain proclaimed more than a few times:

Make it so!”

One thought on “Geek Pride Day in the Friend Zone”

  1. Hello to the celebration of geek day! I can so relate Chris, I would thought the same coming into my own and heck, even today, there are moments where I still question myself and when some attractive self-confident women approaches me, it makes me think twice too… The stories to tell ^_^ (even when people tell me I am a very attractive strong self-confident women, I still to this day, sometimes (we are our own worst critics), question it. ^_^

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