What Do Girls Like?

What do girls like? Girls tend to know what boys like, but the opposite isn’t always true. In Pirillo Vlog 397, I ponder this age-old question because most of the people who have registered for VloggerFair happen to be females.

What Do Girls Like?
As it turns out, girls seem to like VloggerFair. Who knew?

That’s right, fellas. If you’re not going to VloggerFair, you’re missing out.

I grew up in a house chock full of boys, with my mom as the only exception. And moms aren’t really allowed (probably thankfully) to spoil the mysteries of what girlkind likes. Mom’s always going to tell you some form of what you want to hear, anyway, because she loves you and wants you to believe that the world is, for the most part, a decent place and sort of revolves around you.

As you grow up, you come to realize that this worldview demands some healthy adaptation toward a balance that incorporates the needs and desires of other people. Mom’s precious baby doesn’t get to stay a baby forever, after all. But if you can look back fondly on the time spent as that precious baby — when you were the center of the world — and appreciate it, then she raised you right.

If you’re my age and you still think you’re Mom’s precious baby, and that the world still revolves around you, well…

You’re probably still no closer than the rest of us to knowing what girls like, I guess.

I tried to ask Diana, but I’m apparently already supposed to know what girls like. I do know that at least one girl (the very same, aforementioned Diana) likes playing with virtual reality via the Oculus Rift on an Omni treadmill. But you don’t need me to tell you that, jack. Just watch the video, already!

And if you’re at this point and still wondering what girls like, I have it on good authority that Aretha Franklin has been answering that question for decades.

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