Presents Made from Meat

Now that Diana has happily returned to the Pirillo Homestead here in scenic Issaquah after some time with her family in Texas, things are returning to normal.

Presents Made from MeatAnd she brought me presents! Presents made from meat! Yep. Definitely back to normal.

Here in Pirillo Vlog 396, we see how much meat can be safely transported over state lines by commercial aircraft by a young lady en route to Washington from Texas. My share of it comes out to weigh about as much as a baby — and not one of those wimpy, skinny babies, either! My meat presents, in total, come to weigh as much as one might imagine the hefty offspring of Roscoe (don’t call him “Fatty!”) Arbuckle and Shrek‘s Princess Fiona in Ogre form would weigh.

My arms were sore for two days after we recorded me picking up the sum of these meat present parts for this vlog.

And this is how we determined that Diana is probably stronger than me. She had to haul this stuff around all day and even lift it above her head to put it in an overhead bin, and she’s completely fine!

One does not simply go checking in meat presents like common baggage, after all.

Still, I’m comforted by the fact that Diana at least throws like a girl.