The Diana Has Landed

Houston, Issaquah Base here. The Diana has landed in Pirillo Vlog 395!

The Diana Has Landed
“Some sweet tea for my sweetie.”

As most of you who follow this vlog know, Diana was away for a while, visiting family and friends back in her native land of Texas. But now, at long last, she’s finally back!

A little time in the sun and away from Seattle’s beautiful gloom was just what the doctor ordered, though a couple of tornado scares were a jarring interruption to the prescribed tranquility.

And in spite of almost missing her connecting flight, a stirring round of the William Tell Overture got her from the wrong gate to the right one, with a train in between! Yep. She dealt with planes, trains, and automobiles by the end of the day that was chronicled in this very special episode of the Pirillo Vlog.

So draw up some sweet tea, kick back with a cupcake, and enjoy the show! That’s WDWD (What Diana Would Do).