Can Man Live on Bacon Alone?

In Pirillo Vlog 391, we ponder the ultimate question that gets asked whenever the house is filled with the scent of what I like to call “nature’s air freshener”:

Can Man Live on Bacon Alone?Can man live on bacon, alone?

According to fellow bacon aficionado Heather Lauer in her book, Bacon: A Love Story, “Bacon is something that everybody is familiar with and most people grew up eating. It has a comfort aspect to it and a familiarity. It’s also got an addictive aspect to it — that sweet and salty combination of flavors. And it’s probably just a little bit unhealthy for you. When you get to have bacon, it’s exciting and something you look forward to.”

Wicket and Pixie demonstrate that it’s not just man (or woman) who get excited about bacon, but they showcase a level of restraint that I, myself, am not sure I could muster under a circumstance similar to the one in which they find themselves in this edition of the vlog.

Can canine live on bacon, alone? Maybe not. But I can’t see them not giving it a try just to find out. For science!

One thought on “Can Man Live on Bacon Alone?”

  1. No man cannot live on bacon alone. We tried playing Oregon Trail 2 with nothing but bacon for food and everyone died before we were even half way.

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