Sushi is Scary and I Want My Edamame!

How do you introduce someone who’s never had it before to the wonderful world of sushi?

Sushi - how I rollCraighton Miller was brave enough to accompany me to dinner and give it a try, and it’s documented right here in Pirillo Vlog 389!

Usually, if someone’s nervous about trying sushi because of all the horror stories that get thrown around, a little edamame (soy beans) and cucumber salad can be a nice place to start. They’ll introduce the victim diner to something fresh and delicious, but not so exotic that it’s a turn off (unless they happen to hate soy beans and/or cucumber salad. Find out first to avoid an awkward beginning to this culinary adventure).

And when you finally wade into the actual sushi part of the menu, let your first-timer know that there are even cooked options available if they’re a little hesitant to go headfirst into the raw stuff. Craighton didn’t chicken out, though, and — as predicted — he wound up enjoying the experience (and didn’t get sick)!

Since he kept it all down, Craighton can be considered a bona fide sushi expert. In fact, it’s how he rolls now.