I Mustache You a Question

Toot, toot! All aboard for Pirillo Vlog 387!

Step away from the comment button, haters, or the mustache gets it!

I Mustache You a Question
Yeah, this might be overdoing it a bit.

And by “it” I mean a whole bunch of Miracle-Gro. Like I’m just going to douse the sucker, cross my fingers, and grow it in nice and thick. I may even hire one of those horticulturist guys who shapes the flora at Disney World into fauna to have a whack at it.

What fine friends from the animal kingdom would look the most magnificent over my proudly sprouted, stiff upper lip? Here are some ideas:

  • The noble walrus
  • The gentle zebra
  • The sturdy water buffalo
  • The majestic moose
  • The streamlined cheetah
  • The graceful gazelle
  • The rock lobster
  • The North American Ron Burgundy

In any case, it’s my hot chia face and I do what I want! For those of you who agree that I should let my mustache flow freely, I mustache you a question: do you have any ideas about how I should shape it?