Under the Weather and Overprotected

Pirillo Vlog 386 shows that pooches know a thing or two about public safety when Wicket and Pixie seek shelter beneath my desk during the latest thunderstorm. As much as I don’t mind water falling from the sky, if the sky’s a-rumblin’, I’m going to go a-tumblin’ right under that desk with my wise animal companions.

Under the Weather, OverprotectedYou can call me a big chicken if you like, but how are you going to fight lightning if it decides to come calling too close to home? Even though it’s the most habitable planet in the Solar system, Earth can hurl down some real curve balls if you don’t have a place to hang your hat.

And if you don’t even have a hat? Heck. The weather’s bound to do you in sometime soon, sonny!

Precautions or placations to forces in charge of these sorts of things might be a smart way to go.

If you’re going to be under the weather, it’s best to go overprotected.

One thought on “Under the Weather and Overprotected”

  1. I thought i had it covered…surge boxes, grounding strap the works. Then lighting hit my water tower and jumped over to the houses rebarb-wire-frame. Status of all my old beige boxes? it’s dead FRED…or was it fried-rice? Anyway the best protection is to unplug during a storm. Lee

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