Geek is in My Blood

Welcome to Pirillo Vlog 385! America’s a melting pot, and if you’re from here (like me), then you probably have a few crossroads on the map that makes up your heritage. My last name indicates that I’ve got more than a puddle of Italian in my particular gene pool, and if you saw the video where Diana and I got our DNA analyzed, you probably know that I’ve got a lot of Irish in the mix, too — and Persian!

Geek is in My BloodHow’s that for carrying on the American melting pot tradition?

But there’s another ethnicity I count in my blood line that doesn’t show up on any globe. I’ll say it loudly and I’ll say it proudly: I am geek! Hear me roar!

Actually, I come from a long line of geeks. It’s genetic. And if you don’t believe me, you should go have a gander at a video I uploaded a while back of my dad (geek) interviewing my grandfather (geek) who was a spry sapling of 96 years old at the time. Now he’s even older and wiser, but no less geeky.

With the geek gene strong among my kin, I’m honored to carry on the tradition!

Do you have the geek gene, too? Maybe we’re related!