Diana is Coming Home!

In Pirillo Vlog 382, I talk about things that are worthy of my all, and things that probably deserve zero consideration. How do you break down the things that matter and keep them separate from the things that don’t?

Diana is Coming Home!For one, I think making a bed is worthy of zero percent of my consideration when I’m already 110 percent invested in doing something that allows me to have a place to keep the bed in the first place.

But really, I’m 210,000,000 percent invested in being excited that Diana is finally coming home! Soon! How soon? You’ll just have to watch the video to find out. She’s not here right now, so it’s still not soon enough.

Also, I discovered that a stubbed toe is a sad toe. Not that I set out to scientifically prove this fact (because I’m not a masochist), but trial and error (I tried to walk and erred greatly) has given me the life experience necessary to make this assessment. A sad tow is when you go out looking for your car and you discover that it’s no longer where you parked it because it’s been dragged away by a truck to an impound lot in the less pretty part of town.

And sometimes I have to reign myself in from the Seattle rain when an idea pours out of my pores. Wait! Stop. The homophone is ringing off the hook. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)