Women Are Always Right (Unless They’re Jodi Arias)

Pirillo Vlog 381 captures my excitement over knowing that a verdict had been reached in the Jodi Arias trial mixed with the frustration of not knowing what the verdict was at that point in time because I had to travel across town for a very important engagement.

Spoiler alert: The butler didn’t do it.

Women Are Always Right (Unless They're Jodi Arias)
“Gimme some sugarsaber, baby.”

It didn’t help that I was gulping down espresso blinged out with this curious rock candy swizzle stick. Not missing a beat, Bob from Wondershare took up his and we had a duel. We’ve officially dubbed our trusty, sweetness-coated weapons “sugarsabers.”

The rush is strong in this one. (The imminent crash was, too.)

A thick slab of meat and a glistening heap of spinach helped me stay strong to the finish, though.

After a victor prevailed and one of us became more powerful than you could possibly imagine, I was off to be a boy on the wall at the Girl Power Hour gathering per request of the very kind Darnell Sue. In fact, I was the only boy invited, which frankly made me a little nervous. Was I to be sacrificed on a podium in some candelabra-bedecked reception room for the crimes of my gender?

As it turns out… well, you’ll just have to watch the vlog to find out what happened when I was the sole male in a sea of females, but I’ll give you this much: more sugar was involved! Oh, my aching pancreas.